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Today, I’m posting here for two reasons: one is because I’ve installed some new plugins that I want to test out, the other is because I have a food photo to share, and the other is to disclose what illness plagues me right now.

As I’ve previously disclosed, my immune system is all kinds of fucked up for the next several months and I need to be careful about getting sick. That said, guess who’s got a cold right now! Hey, guess what I’ve discovered is my new favorite thing to eat when I feel sick: congee!

I actually only had it for the first time fairly recently and I feel like I’ve been cheated my whole life by not having ever had congee before. Holy crap. Could there possibly be a more nourishing, comforting, like edible-love-type thing to eat when you feel like crap? I mean it, it’s like eating love and human validation. Maybe that’s something I need to have a chat with the shrink about, but this is really that nice to eat when you don’t feel well. What you see in the picture was made using a recipe found on Epicurious with a couple of modifications (I used more scallions in the broth than the recipe called for, a bit less ginger, and I also added around 1/4 cup of reduced-sodium soy sauce). Holy hell, I was also reminded to make more chicken broth. MAKE SO MUCH MORE. Homemade chicken broth, while it generates a lot of mess and viscera to clean up, tastes so fantastic and makes aseptic-box broth (what I usually use) taste like Chicklets water or something. Wow!!! I ate the whole batch on my own throughout the weekend and made a second batch without shredded chicken and with box-broth, and there’s no comparison whatsoever. Next time you’ve got a cold, make this, and make the damn broth from scratch. I feel like a fool for not making my own broth and freezing it, A FOOL. This is more for myself to remember than anything else. I should be stripped of a useful kitchen gadget for this carelessness.

Other stuff that’s happened: I decided to quit Anime Boston staff while I get some things sorted out, I’m also deliberating whether or not I should try for an Artists’ Alley table next year. For the last two years, I’ve gotten horribly sick while at Anime Boston, and I don’t want to be in that place again, especially with mutated immune system, although I guess the bright spot is having some manner of viral illness at con keeps me from picking up whatever strain of con crud goes around during the weekend. It’s a lot of stress, not a ton of payoff, and I haven’t been feeling terribly creative as of late. There are so many buttons you can make/sell, I think. If I do this, I do want to get a bigger table, at least. Four feet of space was pushing it last year. I also want to make a really snazzy retail display (though I take some pride in the snazzy displays that I have had). On top of that, I want to update the Supermeow! branding, and you’ll see some ideas of where I want to go on such as my Facebook page user icon.

This one:

I’m worried that I’ve missed the boat with the laser-cut acrylic thing, as there are other people doing what I wanted to do and doing it really, really well such that I don’t think I can compete. I need to think of other stuff to make/sell. You know what really bums me out? I haven’t sold a single set of my Madoka typography postcards or my Uranus/Neptune typography prints. Not one! I thought those were pretty awesome but I don’t think they’re so awesome that people are interested in paying for them, unfortunately. -_- Poop. Lesson learned.

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Where, indeed. Well, the short answer is that my health hasn’t been very great. I’d been on Tysabri since last September. Tysabri, if you don’t keep pace with MS treatments, is this monthly infusion that one gets of antibodies that are supposed to help make your immune system not attack your brain as though it were a foreign invader. Well, my body caught wise to this and developed antibodies of its own to the medication. I knew this because when I went for my May treatment, I had a bit of an allergic reaction (it began with sneezing, then spread to red eyes, and then my skin started to bloom with nice, lush hives). It went downhill from there.

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Happy New Year! I spent most of the month of December feeling thoroughly overwhelmed and anxious. I am genuinely pleased that 2011 is over, and I’ve got a lot of optimism for 2012 to not suck so hard. Still, I worked myself into a bit of a tizzy in December. Without going into details, there was a lot on my mind.

As such, I decided to take it easy about some of the things I’d usually fret over a lot more. Like, uh, making presents for people. I really have come to like making presents for people a lot more than I like buying stuff at the store (for the most part – there are some things that come from a store that are going to genuinely make a person happy, too). I also didn’t really know what I wanted to do for my coworkers. I decided to keep it simple and make mini loaves of banana bread using the recipe from the Flour Bakery cookbook.

However, even that seemed really overwhelming, and I didn’t get to do this before the Christmas holiday. I decided to use Ukrainian Christmas as my excuse for getting these out after the New Year. Hopefully, all of my coworkers aren’t going to plead “diet” when I dole these out. The banana bread’s got some virtue: I added flaxseed meal to the batter. Also, bananas have HELL OF potassium, and all of the fatty stuff in the bread is good fatty stuff: walnuts, canola oil, eggs to a certain degree, etc. So… maybe just don’t eat the whole loaf at once. How about that?

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