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Happy New Year! I spent most of the month of December feeling thoroughly overwhelmed and anxious. I am genuinely pleased that 2011 is over, and I’ve got a lot of optimism for 2012 to not suck so hard. Still, I worked myself into a bit of a tizzy in December. Without going into details, there was a lot on my mind.

As such, I decided to take it easy about some of the things I’d usually fret over a lot more. Like, uh, making presents for people. I really have come to like making presents for people a lot more than I like buying stuff at the store (for the most part – there are some things that come from a store that are going to genuinely make a person happy, too). I also didn’t really know what I wanted to do for my coworkers. I decided to keep it simple and make mini loaves of banana bread using the recipe from the Flour Bakery cookbook.

However, even that seemed really overwhelming, and I didn’t get to do this before the Christmas holiday. I decided to use Ukrainian Christmas as my excuse for getting these out after the New Year. Hopefully, all of my coworkers aren’t going to plead “diet” when I dole these out. The banana bread’s got some virtue: I added flaxseed meal to the batter. Also, bananas have HELL OF potassium, and all of the fatty stuff in the bread is good fatty stuff: walnuts, canola oil, eggs to a certain degree, etc. So… maybe just don’t eat the whole loaf at once. How about that?

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