Mar. 11th, 2012

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Each year, I’ve come to depend on my federal tax return arriving around the time that Anime Boston takes place. This year, it’s not showing up until the Tuesday following the convention. What this means for me is that I wasn’t able to make all of the things that I’d hoped to make (specifically, button packs: I was hoping to make two new Sailor Moon character packs and also reorder some of the “first season” packs because I’m down to 7 of those versus 16 of the “third season”/outer senshi ones… man, when I was first into Sailor Moon, it seems more like people’d be excited about the outer senshi, but I guess that’s not the case any more. Makes me rethink the other button packs I was going to make (Sailor Stars good guys and Sailor Stars bad guys). Maybe I’m better off sticking with bad guy packs from the first and second seasons? I’m also going to have to change the type of packaging that I was using because it’s gone up in price, unfortunately. -_-

Here are some pictures of the stuff that I’ve got in the works, at least, as well as my swell new Ikea-sourced center of organization!

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